On the left, a typical spread from the iPad version of Book 1, Earth, with animations, illustrations, sound and video effects.

From book one  EARTH

Here are a few illustrations from the first two books of my new trilogy, The Rune Master. It is an epic adventure about two young heroes who get caught up in a world of incredible magic. The story is set on modern-day Earth, but is filled with legend and history, revolving around believable magic that is based on science and simple physics. There is a lot of action throughout the series so I plan to put many more illustrations up soon. There are over 50 illustrations in the paperback edition, Color in the Kindle edition, and the iPad Edition also has numerous animations, video and sound effects, and is designed to look like a burned book, as in the story. Click the link below to see more of the iPad edition from Apple iBooks!   https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/book-one/id1075735032?mt=13

A few illustrations from Book Two  The Island

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