Philip Howe Illustration Design

I've been illustrating for national and international clients for over 30 years, including Microsoft, HP, Intel, Procter and Gamble, Dow Chemical, Lilly-Elanco, Hasbro, Scientific American, Boeing, Nintendo, and many others. I enjoy doing a wide range of work, from fantasy and sci fi, to epic historical and religious scenes and scientific images. I've done hundreds of magazine and book covers and over 3,500 advertising and corporate illustrations, and always try to do a quality piece. I work both traditionally and digitally and also enjoy doing dimensional type design, comps for concepts, and photo retouching.  Call or email if you need a quote. I think you'll find I can produce a polished image very quickly, usually finishing most jobs in one or two nights, and I always try to fit within any budget. Simply click on the page links above and thanks for visiting!

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